7.2V Cordless Shrubbery and Grass Shears

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7.2V Cordless Shrubbery and Grass Shears


  • Tool-free Blade Change

    Replace the blades easily and conveniently without any tools.

  • 2 Cutting Modes

    Choose the right blade for your desired garden work.

  • Lightweight

    1.74 lbs light weight makes it suitable to be carried around to mow garden corners.

  • Long-lasting Battery

    Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery helps get rid of the entangled wire trouble.


What's the capacity of the battery?How long can it be used?

The grass trimmer has a built-in 1500mAh lithium battery. You can use it for about 30 minutes when fully charged, which meets your daily work needs.

What's the meaning of different LED lights on?

The electric trimmer has three indicator lights, the red light means the battery is less than 20%; the red and yellow lights are on, the battery is 21-70%; the three indicators are all on, the battery is more than 70%; you can charge the battery when the red LED lights up.

Do I still need to keep pushing the switch lock and the on/off switch after turning on the machine?

Once your hedge shear is up and running, you can unlock the switch without having to push the switch lock all the time. You can release the On/OFF switch to turn off your garden trimmer.

Do I need to remove the security key, when I want to start the electric grass trimmer?

If you want to start the bush trimmer, you need to insert the safety key, push the switch lock, and press the On/OFF switch at the same time.

How long are these blades?

The cutting length of the long blade used to trim branches is 133mm; the cutting thickness of the segment blade used to trim the lawn is 8mm, and the cutting width is 80mm.


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