Hello, We are SnapFresh

With more than eighteen years of global trading business experience, Mrs. Jessie Zhang,the founder of NINGBO WINBAY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. created the brand SNAPFRESH in 2018.

Jessie has being a gardening DIYer and an animal lover for many years. When she was once on a trip to UK, she was invited to a senior lady’s house and they spent a wonderful tea time in the beautiful well-maintained garden. The lady shared her experience with gardening and home DIY work , as well as the tools she used. Ladies had good conversation and noticed that they had the same problem when using wired tools and bulky equipment. They even both got caught or entangled by electric wires before and were worried about the safety issues.After that, the lady snapped her fingers, saying “I just want my plants to be fresh like this!” Hearing this, Jessie realized how much the lady needed wireless gardening tools to help her best. These words hovered in Jessie’s mind during the rest of her trip and an idea was germinated and fermented.

When Jessie was back, she recruited a research and development team in a short time and SNAPFRESH was created and registered! Out of obsession of lightweight garden tools, Jessie and the engineers developed a series of Lithium-ion battery powered products. They even customized one universal battery platform for all SnapFresh tools. After hundreds of experiments and tests, SnapFresh has established multiple product lines to meet the various needs of lawns, terraces and gardens, as well as home improvement needs.Targeting gardening DIY customers, SnapFresh has being directed high-quality products from factories to business ownersand retail customers. Even it’s a young brand, SnapFresh performs like a black horse in the market and has been committed to providing high-quality battery-powered tools and perfect customer service to local communities at a more affordable price. During the unprecedented pandemic, SnapFresh withstood the harshness and became stronger. We are such proud to be chosen by customers in the global market and greatly help people's lives. We see more and more elderly and female customers enjoy gardening again. What's more surprising is that they spread and introduce SnapFresh to their family and friends! SnapFresh will make unremitting efforts to further develop innovative and ergonomic products, promote international trade and integrate global resources.


Use SnapFresh Tools, Live a SnapFresh Life!