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You need a cordless hedge trimmer

A cordless hedge trimmer is a handheld gardening tool that is used to trim and shape hedges and bushes. Unlike corded hedge trimmers, cordless hedge trimmers are powered by rechargeable batteries, which makes them more portable and convenient to use.

Cordless hedge trimmers are available in various sizes and power levels, and can be used to trim hedges of different heights and thicknesses. They usually come with a blade guard to protect the user from the sharp blades, and some models may also feature additional safety features such as a two-handed start mechanism.

When choosing a cordless hedge trimmer, it is important to consider the size of the battery and the length of the blade. A larger battery will provide more power and longer run time, but may also be heavier and more expensive. The length of the blade will determine the width of the hedge that can be trimmed in a single pass.

Cordless hedge trimmers are a great option for those who want the convenience of a cordless tool without sacrificing power or performance. They are also a good choice for those who have small to medium-sized hedges that are located far from a power source. However, if you have a large property or need to trim very thick hedges, you may want to consider a corded hedge trimmer or a gas-powered hedge trimmer for more power and longer run time.

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