4V Insulated Screwdriver Set

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4V Insulated Screwdriver Set


  • Fast Charge & Wireless

    Powered by a 1.5Ah rechargeable lithium battery with indicator, this insulated electric screwdriver is cordless and can be charged anywhere via USB-C port like power bank, laptop, car charger, etc. But do not use the screwdriver while charging.

  • 1000V Insulated Bit Set

    Equipped with 6 different specifications of screwdriver bits coated with a red 1000V insulating material. The size of each screwdriver bit is the most commonly used in daily life. Suitable for various professional scenes and home DIY, such as electrical repair or routine maintenance.

  • Built-in LED Illumination

    There are 2 LED lights embedded in the SnapFresh insulated screwdriver to brighten the working areas, which will light up automatically when you power the screwdriver on. No more worrying about the lack of illumination and precision in the dark working environment.

  • Reach the Deep Place

    Still worrying about the normal screwdrivers can't reach the awkward deep position? SnapFresh has solved it for you! With 6 extra lengthened screw bits, our electric insulated screwdriver set can help you operate and fix things easily.


Are the screw bits insulated? Is it safe to use the electric screwdriver to repair electronics?

Yes, the bits of the insulated screwdriver is covered by a red 1000V insulation layer, which is more secure and reliable to be operated on electronics products.

How long does it take to fully charge?

You can charge this insulated power screwdriver in 1 hour with the fast-charging Type-C USB cable.

Can I use it as a manual screwdriver?

Yes, this insulated cordless screwdriver features Electric & Manual operation dual modes, the 0.4NM torque in the electric mode can protect the material from damage and work efficiently. At the same time, you can also use the manual mode with 0.4-8NM torque adjustment to improve the sense of control and achieve the tightness you want.


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