360° Grow Light for Indoor Plants(Tri-head, adaptor included)

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360° Grow Light for Indoor Plants(Tri-head, adaptor included)


  • Blue Spectrum

    The Blue light chips ensure plant photosynthesis and promote germination, protein synthesis, and fruit formation.

  • Red Spectrum

    The Red light chips contribute to effective the growth of flowering and helps extend the flowering period, enhances photosynthesis for better results.

  • Red & Blue Spectrum

    The red & blue light chip can promote the growth of indoor plants and supplement more effective light. The LED plant light bar keeps the plants healthy and prosperous.


How many time intervals does its timer have to choose from?

There are three options - 3, 9 or 12 hours on per 24 hours.

Does this come with an adapter?

Yes, this tri-head grow light comes with an UL certification power adapter.

Can it be clamped on my plant shelf?

Yes, it can be clamped on your plant shelf, and we also provide you with a stabilizer, so that it can stands alone.

Does it come with bulbs?

Yes, our light does come with bulbs, and there are about 80 LED bulbs.

Does this light use ultra violet or infra red?

Infrared (low frequency) and ultraviolet (high frequency) light are beyond the visible range. This LED grow light uses visible light: red (in the low-frequency range), and blue (in the high-frequency range). Most of the visible light spectrum is in the green range.


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