20V Max Cordless Leaf Blower(100MPH/420CFM), 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery and Charger

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20V Max Cordless Leaf Blower(100MPH/420CFM), 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery and Charger


  • Powerful Copper Motor

    The SnapFresh cordless leaf blower is equipped with a copper motor and advanced turbo techs, which can extend product life and reduce energy consumption.

  • 2 SpeedSwitch

    The battery leaf blower has 2 adjustable wind speeds in one sliding switch. Just slide the gear switch gently to turn on the leaf blower and shift gears.

  • Lightweight Design

    4.4-pound super lightweight and ergonomic design allows you to lift the air blower easily with one hand, and you can easily take it to multiple places for different cleaning tasks.

  • Multiple Applications

    The cordless leaf blower provides a high wind speed of 70-100MPH and a high air volume up to 420CFM, giving you a variety of different cleaning and blowing options.


How can I know if the battery is charging?

Please note that the LED lights on the charger indicate the status of battery charging. When the red light on, it means the battery is charging. When the green light on, it means the battery is full-charged.

How can I remove and separate the tubes?

There is an upper tube and a lower tube for the blower. You can install the tubes to adjust the desired length. The lower tube is stuffed in the upper tube in the package. you can separate the 2 tubes follow the two steps: Step 1: Press the button on the main body to remove the upper tube. Step 2: Press the buttons on both sides of the connection between the two tubes to remove the lower tube.Separate the tube sections.You may remove the tubes and put them away for storage.

How to choose the two modes?

The gentle low speed mode is good for cleaning the debris and dust in hard-to-clean gaps. The second high speed mode has a super strong wind and meets various cleaning needs, such as lawn care, leaves blowing, and snow sweeping.

How long can the battery last while working?

This SnapFresh cordless leaf blower is equipped with high performance 4.0Ah Lion-ion battery.It can be used for approximately 35 min at low speed and 20 min at high speed. You can observe the charging status and battery level through the power indicator at any time.

How long is the battery charging time?

It takes two hours for fully charging.

Can I use the blower for snow blowing?

Yes.This battery powered blower has a strong wind and wide opening vent with the lower tube. For best result, it's better to blow light and puffy snow.


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